We Are Your Team

We’re your team specialists who facilitate positive and sustainable change.

We collaborate with clients to create energized teams and cultures of high performance and greater well-being. Our clients learn how to leverage individual and team strengths, re-engage, shift negative mindsets and change unproductive behaviors that get in the way of being in the “zone.”

We’ve learned and seen, first-hand, that when leaders and teams are more aware, accountable, and purposefully driven, they find more joy in their work, while achieving desired results. Tapping into positive energy, engaging individual strengths and promoting healthy team dynamics is what we do best. And, what truly matters.

As a result of our consulting, training or coaching, clients are re-engaged, focused and excited to apply what they learned on the job. We are proud of our track record of delivering positive and lasting change. Some of our clients include Stanford University, Microsoft, Sony PlayStation, Google, HTC, HP, Cisco Systems, Disney, Receptos, Genentech and Snapchat.

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We provide the tools, training and real work experience that boosts team energy levels – providing a dramatic and positive difference in:

  • Greater team performance
  • Team behaviors and attitudes
  • A more energized culture
  • Higher employee engagement and wellbeing
  • Lower employee stress
  • Retention of top talent
  • Team collaboration & communication

What you can expect when you work with us:

Problem - Solvers

We identify the core triggers and issues to get to the root cause of your pain points. We work with you to provide the best tools, methods, strategies and solutions.


We work as a member of your team to address your challenges or need a boost of energy.


We lead with joy and always show-up with positive energy.


We listen to understand your team's needs, concerns and challenges. We care. We validate. We connect. We don’t judge, rather we help teams find common ground and new ways of viewing the same old things.


We take what you share with us in confidence. We don’t tattle, gossip, or act carelessly. We use discretion to care for the privacy of individual participants and their relationships – at work and beyond.


We are a team of doers. We take purposeful action in everything we do. We go above and beyond to deliver results that exceed your expectations because we are passionate about what we do.

People matter

ECG focuses on people — as team members — who need to be heard, understood, and validated so they can contribute at their highest level. Employees are capable of great things when made aware of what drains their energies and what fills them up. AND, when they become mindful, they can choose to shift, transform and positively impact those around them.

People — and the teams they comprise — matter to your success. In fact, they directly impact the bottom line. Healthy work environments start with mindfulness and then radiate outward. Behavioral and energy awareness has a positive ripple effect — leading to accountability and purposeful action. This is what we’re here to facilitate and help to create.