Tracy Pattin

Tracy Pattin


Tracy Pattin is a group facilitator, team builder, connector and podcast host. Currently, she co-hosts ReEnergize Your Life Podcast with Michelle Burke. Her expertise is helping clients improve their communication, speaking and collaboration skills. She is known for her listening and curiosity which leads her to ask meaningful questions to gain a deeper understanding of her client’s needs.

Tracy has expanded her extensive communication background to produce and host one of the top shows in the podcasting world, Wondery Network’s, “Hollywood & Crime.” In addition to storytelling in the true crime space, Tracy also is the host and producer of her new series, Women2018, where she travels across the country to document the stories of high profile women.

She takes her passion for storytelling to the streets where she conducts (and designs) walking tours about Old Hollywood (along the Sunset Strip and beyond).  She holds a BA in Sociology from San Francisco State University.

Admired for her positive, engaging and friendly personality…Tracy practices her 15 Minute Pause by talking to her hummingbird (it lives on her balcony) running (up hills!), walking, yoga, Reiki, meditation, and staring out the window at 35,000 feet en route to yet another destination.