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21 Days to ReENERGIZE Your Life – A Well-being Program

Are you feeling drained, exhausted, or stressed? Consider this an opportunity to find out where you are spending your precious energy and how to boost it.

After all, life is too short not to feel more energized. This is dedicated time to prioritize you.

Purpose: ReENERGIZE by focusing for at least 15 minutes each day on you. Discover which of the 7 life areas (mind, body, heart, career, creativity, philanthropy, soul) is depleted and needs recharging.

1. Prioritize YOU daily.
2. Focus on areas that have been neglected.
3. Discover ways to boost your energy.

1. Receive a summary report from the Life Energy Inventory of which 7 life areas (mind, body, heart, career, creativity, philanthropy or soul) are depleted and thriving.
2. Learn new creative, calming, and engaging ways to boost your energy levels.
3. Discover how you personally get re-energized – everyone is unique.
4. Become more aware of your strengths, expectations, and passions.
Additional Benefits: Improves mood and lowers stress levels.

The ReENERGIZE your Life Program is divided into 7 life areas based on our Life Energy Inventory (LEI) from our book 15 Minute Pause, A Radical Reboot for Busy People. If you commit to doing these activities every day, it will make a positive difference in your life.

Each life area has 3 lessons and includes 3 activities that help you to practice boosting your energy. It’s packed with fun, thought-provoking, and engaging activities each day to keep you motivated. Included in this course are 9 short videos from the authors, Michelle Burke and Lilamani de Silva, sharing their insights and an introduction into each life area as well as a celebration video to conclude and acknowledge all that you accomplished during the 21 days.
You begin with what we call a Wellness Check-in. Our Life Energy Inventory™ is a personal assessment tool that is a snapshot in time to show you where you are drained or thriving in the 7 life areas that we mentioned above. The assessment takes about 15-20mins. You will receive a summary report upon completion via email.

This is your life, and we want to help you make the most of it! Think and feel more energized by discovering how to lift your mood, shift a negative mindset, and learn ways to relieve stress. What are you waiting for? Register Now and start to ReENERGIZE Your Life!