Congratulations you completed ReENERGIZE your lifeTime to Celebrate! Take a moment and acknowledge yourself for dedicating time each day for your growth, empowerment, and well-being. You did it!! You completed the 21-day ReENERGIZE Your Life Program!! 

During the 21 days, you accomplished a lot. You took the LEI, checked in daily on your energy levels, stayed focused on the 7 life areas that were most draining, and took pauses to increase your energy levels. You tried new ways of thinking, doing, and being energized to help build resilience especially important for staying in balance when stressed. You stretched and expanded out of your comfort zone by doing activities that you haven’t done before. Whether it was taking time to prioritize yourself, working on being less judgemental, calming your mind or accepting your body, imperfections and all, forgiving yourself, volunteering or feeding your soul, be proud of what you accomplished on this journey. Most importantly continue to practice re-energizing your life, you are worth it!! And, when you do, doesn’t it feel good!? Well done, you deserve to have a full, energized life!

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