Day 1 – Calm Your Mind

Today’s lesson is all about calming the mind. Listen to yourself and take note of your self-talk. Are your thoughts whiney, on overdrive, or unkind? If so, that’s your negative Meddler getting in the way of a calming and joy-filled day.  If the Meddler is hyperactive and overstimulated it maybe stopping you from seeing the ‘good stuff’. This is not about never having a negative thought (because that would be impossible) rather more about keeping track of your criticisms, perceptions, and the story (true or false) that you tell yourself.

This lesson will help you find ways to begin to notice the negative Meddler. When we are aware of our thoughts we then have the choice to either calm our minds and move away from worry or stay in worry. You get to decide whether a thought is helpful or not. The good news positive thoughts will lead to improved mood, a happier sense of self, and better coping responses. Bonus you’ll sleep more soundly too.

Activity: Practice observing your thoughts. We are often quick to react to life’s challenges. Today be present and listen as your thoughts float in and out. An easy way to stay present is to wrap a rubber band or hair band around your wrist and every time you have a negative thought, snap it. This will help you pay attention to how often the negative thoughts or responses are getting in your way. Replacing those thoughts with thoughts that are more positive or useful will start you on your road to living a more energizing life.