Day 10 – Meaningful Work

Today’s lesson shows us how fulfilling work brings us less stress, less boredom and more energy.

Meaningful work has a positive impact on well-being and energy levels. Yet, despite this, many of us feel unmotivated whenever Monday morning rolls around. If this is true for you then you may not be doing work that you enjoy. Given we spend more time working than we do anything else, including sleep it’s important we are energized by what we do. Do you enjoy what you are doing for a living or is it just a paycheck?

Whatever it is, be sure that it brings you fulfillment. It can include pursuing a passion, building a business, moving up the corporate ladder, changing industries or learning a new trade skill or “job crafting.” Job crafting allows you to redesign the meaning behind your work and potentially how you do it allowing you to have a greater connection to the work you do everyday. When you make meaning about what you do, then you feel more satisfied by it and it becomes more purposeful. Doing what we love may be challenging as we continue to pay bills and juggle life demands, however, evidence shows stressors are decreased when work has an authentic connection. Good reasons to make small changes to create a life of joy. Furthermore, it’s been shown that a happier work life improves relationships, increases energy levels, is a catalyst for learning, and encourages self-motivation. Are you willing to take the plunge to do what is meaningful to you?

 Activity: Start by writing down what fulfillment feels like to you, be specific. Then take a personal inventory and write a list of all your interests, skills and passions. After the list is complete, go over it and check or circle the ones that you can apply to do meaningful work. Get creative, brainstorm on your own or with a trusted friend or coach all the ways you might be able to use these in a way to create a new career path, a new job or even a side job.

Self Reflection