Day 12 – Know your Strengths

Today’s lesson focuses on your strengths. We define strengths as what you are good at and what energizes you. This is not a skill or what you’ve learned over the years rather something you do naturally and you are good at. For example, you might have a natural ability to be compassionate, detailed oriented, able to see the big picture, enjoy networking or developing others. Knowing your strengths and using them regularly  will automatically increase your energy level. You might love singing, however, you aren’t very good at it, this is not a strength, it’s simply something you enjoy doing. 

Start by thinking back to when you were a child, what did you love to do?  Were you someone who organized their room or closet to make sure everything was in its place, or the kid who was first to meet and welcome the new neighbor kids, or did you love writing stories, whatever it was, these are examples of how your strengths were evident when you were younger. Strengths don’t change throughout our lifetime, rather they are what make us who we are and what’s unique about us.The power of leaning into our strengths, is that it helps us feel good and energizes us.

Activity: Divide a piece of paper and write down 10 or more skills and 10 or more strengths that you have. Remember skills are something you’ve learned vs something you are naturally good at and energized by. It’s important to see the difference so that you can lean more into your strengths when you want to feel energized rather than your skills. Finding ways to utilize your strengths daily will naturally uplift you, and make you feel better. When you can apply these strengths within your job, then it’s even more beneficial because you will be more engaged at work and enjoy doing your job.

Self-Reflection over the week

  1. What insights has your personal inventory given you about you?
  2. How has your new savings plan given you the confidence to chase your goals? 
  3. Did you discover what work has meaning to you? If so how? If not, why not?
  4. Name 5 of your most energizing strengths.