Day 13 – Unleash Your Creative Spirit

Today’s lesson will help you to unlock your creative blocks to encourage inspiration, performance and increase positive well-being. 

Unleashing our creativity can help us access our inner artist, musician, writer, inspire better ways of thinking, solving problems and seeing the bigger picture. Too often our busy lives mean we get bogged down in ‘to do’s’, set in our ways and forget how important it is to have fun. A splash of creativity can change a mundane day into a joy-filled one. So what’s stopping you from being creative, and keeping you stuck doing what you’ve always done? 

Stimulate your happy hormones, think and act outside your comfort zone. Take a break from your everyday routine, visit an art gallery, try a different route to the grocery store, spend time in nature’s vibrant colors, write with the hand you wouldn’t normally use, or listen to a new genre of music. No more procrastination, fear or poor excuses like ‘I’m not artistic.’ Let’s dig in and unleash your inner creative, the one who can’t wait to come out and paint the town red. 

A repetitive creative outlet can have a calming effect on us and increase our joy. The more you do, of the thing you love, the greater the chance of releasing ‘feel good hormones’, giving you the energy to have more fun and play. A cycle of positive vibes, that will combat overwhelm and that hurry, hurry mentality. Dare to try, dare to fail and just jump in to explore and experiment. Reignite your creativity and start with just 15 minutes a day.

Activity: Get out of your head and into your heart. Start with one step, color with crayons, put on some music and dance in your kitchen, sing out loud in the car, take a different route to work, join a class that you’ve always wanted to or write journal pages to get your creative juices flowing. Brainstorm with a friend. Enjoy!

Self Reflection