Day 14 – Discover your Passion

Today’s lesson will help you to discover a passion you might have forgotten or shelved because other ‘stuff’ has taken priority. Living with passion encourages personal fulfilment. Everyone has a passion, so one quick way to discover it is to go back to your childhood, and remember what you loved doing? Was it being outdoors, singing, tinkering with electronics, doodling, making new friends or coming up with new outfits to wear? Consider what type of books you loved to read? Your interests will give you little clues. Whatever you discover, when we find our passion, it instantly energizes us and as a result, we want to do more of it. 

Sometimes a passion can go from being a hobby to a true calling. Explore your ideas further. Try out an idea for a few days to see if it resonates, or as a side job at first, to see if it has meaning and longevity. If a passion keeps calling you, and popping into your head regularly you’ll know you are on the right track. Experiment, take risks and step outside your comfort zone to find your passion wherever it is lurking.

Living a life that’s filled with passion might sound like a pipe dream. And, if you never put in the effort to discover what you’re passionate about, you’re right: such a thing will never be possible. However, when you dare to discover your passion, dare to imagine the possibilities, and dare to actually search for what you love, then it’s not just a possibility, rather it’s a probability. Be daring and go for it.

Activity:  Brainstorm what you love doing. Write everything down and then find a trusted confidant to talk to who will listen and ask questions to help you narrow down your passion. Have fun with this because there are no wrong answers. 

Self Reflection