Day 15 – Vision Board

Lesson 15 is about creating your Vision for your life. What do you want to see happen, what do you want to have in your life? Anything is possible as you learned in the past two lessons. We’ve all heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” and how true it is to see what we want to achieve in pictures. First, let’s define what is a dream board? Simply put, a vision or dream board is a visualization tool using a board of any sort (poster, cork, white) to create a collage of words and pictures that illustrate your goals and dreams. 

Did you know that visual reminders are a powerful way to increase your motivation and focus your intentions? This allows you to bring it into fruition when you start to feel the emotion of it happening. So it would stand to reason that vision boards boost mood and increase positive thinking. Making a vision or dream board helps you focus and see what you truly want by capturing it on your board. Further, it will strengthen and stimulate your emotions too because your mind responds strongly to visual stimulation. Imagery has become a mental training tool. In fact, Olympic athletes have been using it for decades as well as star athletes like Tiger Woods, golfer since the 1960’s. 

What these Olympians and athletes do is see it happening in their minds eye and feel what it’s like once it’s happened. The idea is that when you look at your board, it brings about feelings of joy and motivation to bring it to life. 

Activity – Create your Vision/dream board. Get out your markers, magazines, glue, board and have fun! Be sure that every picture, word feels good and that you truly want it…it’s vital that you feel the emotion of it. And tip: cut out pictures of yourself and put them into your vision board.


  1. What habit did you change to unleash your creativity?
  2. What child-hood memory/experience inspires your creativity? 
  3. How will you keep your creativity alive?