Day 17 – Helping Hands

Today’s lesson shows us how helping others energizes our spirit to improve our mood and benefit well-being.

Helping others not only makes our world better – it makes us better. This is about giving back to our immediate communities, friends and families. In a world that is increasingly busy, a sense of belonging and fulfillment is critical to identity and self worth. Give back to your community, spend time at food banks, a local service, help a neighbor, bake cookies, pick up rubbish, beautify neighborhood spaces or plant a garden. Taking care of our neighbors and neighborhoods allows us to connect with each other at an intimate level, decreasing loneliness and isolation. If you’ve been through trauma or a difficult experience the opportunity to help others can actually relieve your sorrow. Giving has the effect of keeping our lives in perspective while understanding others are less fortunate than ourselves. Support the place you call home, make new friends and bridge the giving gap.

Activity: Ask a neighbor if they need a helping hand, bake cookies and drop them off at a neighbors house, offer to run an errand or organize a clean up day around your neighborhood. Notice how giving, gives you back so much more.

Self Reflection