Day 19 – Love of Self

This lesson is about taking the time to learn how to love yourself, how to approach life from a loving, kind place. 

A healthy dose of unconditional self-love is important for a deep soul connection with ourselves. Love of self is necessary before everything else including loving our children and other meaningful relationships. Loving oneself doesn’t mean having a large ego, or being self absorbed at the expense of everybody else. It means accepting ourselves – flaws and all. 

Waiting for recognition, love and approval from parents, bosses or partners can be exhausting, unsustainable and exposes us to hurt and self doubt. Self love is powerful. It gives us permission to be comfortable with who we are at an authentic and deeper level, without judgement. When we love ourselves and recognize our humanness, then we are less likely to judge others and more likely to accept their frailties, mistakes and imperfections. Look around, do you know anyone who’s perfect? 

It’s a steady, consistent love that doesn’t leave you at the mercy of others’ emotions.  Acknowledge and love all of you.

Activity: Practice loving self-talk daily. Watch how you speak to yourself and every time it’s negative, reframe with a positive alternative.

Self Reflection