Day 21 – Soul Purpose

Today’s lesson, our last one, is bringing all the previous days together into this one…identifying and recognizing that we all have a soul purpose. So first let’s define what we mean by soul purpose, it’s why you’re here on this earth at this time. What you’re looking for or seeking is connected to this deeper question. When we know our soul purpose it feels like we are in the flow of our lives, in harmony with others, simply put, we are joyful despite the ups and downs, twists and turns that life’s journey takes us on.

To begin, it requires connecting on a deep level with yourself, this means asking ourselves questions that can transform us like, do we come from love or fear? Coming from love, not the ego helps us navigate the challenges of life with more ease and grace. And going further, asking, what is my soul purpose in life is essential to living a purpose-driven life? We all have a purpose even if you don’t know what it is at present. You have one, that is why you are here to discover it –  it requires us to listen deeply to that quiet inner voice (the player) who says this is nurturing and this is not. Another way is to tap into your innate strengths or gifts as we talked about in Day 12, and use them more often. When we know what our soul purpose is, then it makes it easy to honor ourselves, with deep respect and love. This often translates to recognizing that we have to let go of things and people who may no longer serve us. 

Activity: Ask yourself some awakening questions to shed light on what might be your soul purpose. Start with: What brought me pure joy when I was a child? Who are my role models or icons? Why, what characteristics do they possess? Have I had any major accidents or illnesses that served as a wake-up call for me? If so, what did you learn? What do others often ask me advice for or what do I teach others about on a regular basis? Looking back on your life, were there any events that you now see as transforming, if so what were they and how were they transforming? The answers serve as a springboard to discovering your soul purpose. If it isn’t revealed yet, then keep asking…it will in due time.



  1. What are your top 3 takeaways from ReENERGIZE Your Life program?
  2. How will you continue to give back (volunteer, support your community)?
  3. What is your current level of awareness for your soul purpose? Explain.
  4. What actions will you continue to take as a result of this program? Be specific.