Day 3 – Non-Judgemental Mind

Today’s lesson is about judgement, the judgements we make about ourselves and all of those that come into our path each day. Judgements are natural, however, we don’t realize how often we are making them or how negative our perceptions can be. Stop for a moment now and notice what you are thinking. Is it about this lesson, your day, yourself or another person? Is it kind or judgemental? 

We develop patterns of who and how we judge for example when you speak to a specific person, you notice that you are always complaining with this person, maybe it’s time to change the conversation from complaint to gratitude or if you are always on edge when interacting with X, notice why. 

The first step is to see it and declare the judgement. Next, acknowledge this is a bad habit and in order to change it, you’ll need to pay attention and notice when it’s happening. Observe how your thoughts impact your energy level. When we are caught up in judging ourselves or others, we become more negative, temperamental and this can lead to outbursts. Developing a non-judgemental mind takes a concerted effort and practice to notice how often we are making negative judgements about ourselves or others. So for today’s activity, we are giving you an opportunity to track your judgemental mind. 

Activity: Take note, are you constantly criticizing, berating or complaining about yourself, your life or others?  Write down when it’s happening and who is the judgement about so you can track it. The judgmental mindset is draining your energy. 

Summary Reflection

  1. Was your self-talk more negative than positive? What’s changed?
  2. Did you challenge your mind to do something new? How did it energize you?
  3. Have you tempered your judgemental mind? What positive results have you noticed?

Bonus Activity – Start your morning routine with an Energy Check in and ask yourself how am I feeling today?  Is my energy level high or low, positive or negative? This is a quick way to become aware of how you are feeling as you begin your day. Notice how your energy level changes throughout the day. This helps us tune into our body and mind. Your energy level has a direct impact on those closest to you. So, pay attention. Is your energy positive or negative?