Module 1 – Mind Matters

This section is focused on helping you to shift your thinking, calm your mind and discover ways to be less judgemental. The mind is a powerful and dynamic tool. The thoughts we have in our heads can make all the difference between how joy-filled or stressed we are in our day. 

We refer to these internal thoughts as the negative “Meddler” or positive “Player.” The voice in our heads influences how joyful we are. Worrying without a solution won’t stop the worry. Too often we get stuck in a loop and it is important we find ways to take action to create the space to re-energize. Did you know that those with a happier mindset have at least 1.7 positive thoughts to every negative thought? These Mind lessons help us to find ways to quiet our negative Meddler voice and activate our positive Player, our cheerleader to help us boost energy levels and our mood.  

Self Reflections