Module 5 – Calling in Creativity

This section helps us to re-engage our creativity and passion to improve mental health, reduce stress and boost confidence. 

We are all born creative. Self expression is at your fingertips. Yet, as we get older many of us suppress our creative instincts and lose confidence in our abilities. As children we are unencumbered by limitations, self judgement and perfectionism. Children are daring, willing to experiment with new ideas, and find creative ways to problem solve. Think back to your younger self’, how were you creative or how did you express yourself, and what were your passions? It’s important to remember too that we are all different and how we express ourselves creatively also differs. There is no right or wrong way to release creative juices, yet it is essential to get them flowing. Evidence shows that repetitive creative actions like coloring and writing allow us to get in the flow. When we are focused and fully absorbed in what we enjoy it naturally releases stress. That’s why adult coloring books have become a huge rage. It’s a destressor.

Creativity is the route to being truly authentic. Give yourself permission to have fun, be innovative and increase your energy levels.