Purpose & Objectives

Create a daily self-care practice that makes you feel better, using healthy coping strategies and tools to attain more calm and less stress. The framework for all you will learn is Energy Catalyst Group’s 3-A Sustainable Change Model ™  of Awareness, Accountability, and Action:

Become Self-Aware

  • What brings you calm and makes you smile?
  • What are your stress triggers and symptoms?
  • What is the impact of your behaviors and attitudes on yourself and others?

Be Accountable

  • Own who you are
  • What you say and do each day contributes to–or detracts from–your quality of life

Take Purposeful Action

  • Create a personalized self-care tool kit to implement any time
  • Commit to a daily practice, with flexibility, to ensure success

The good news is, it’s never too late to make different choices, to make positive change. And, in this process of self-discovery, it is essential to be compassionate with yourself. No one is exempt from life’s challenges. However, once you have a variety of healthy coping strategies and tools–a self-care tool kit–you can choose how to respond.