WELCOME to 21 days to ReENERGIZE your Life.

The program’s success is based on you and your willingness to commit time each day to reflect, be present and be open to new ways to ReENERGIZE your Life. We recommend the buddy system, to share, support and encourage you to stay on track. Be sure to choose someone who will participate with you and who will be uplifting–not judgmental or competing–along the way.

Authors of 15 Minute Pause, A Radical Reboot for Busy People Michelle and Lilamani, have been where you are and have found ways to ReENERGIZE despite exhaustion, stress and overwhelm. They share their tips, tools and strategies and inspire you in their 9 motivational videos as you go through the 21 day ReENERGIZE Your Life program.

So, if you haven’t already then start now by taking our Wellness Check-in, The Life Energy Inventory (LEI) http://15minutepause.com/life-energy-inventory/  and find out which of the 7 key life areas (Mind, Body, Heart, Career/Financial, Creativity, Philanthropy and Soul) are in need of recharging. Be honest to get an accurate snapshot of where you are now. Your summary report with your results will be sent to you in an email. Be sure to print it out to have your scores to refer back to when needed.


The goal is to spend 15 minutes everyday re-energizing. Why 15 minutes? Neuroscience research shows that 15 minutes is the ideal amount of time it takes to release those ‘ happy hormones’ a huge energy boost. If for some reason you are unable to find 15 minutes, there are also benefits in spending even a few minutes a day re-energizing. This course will give you valuable insights and you’ll walk away with your own Energizing Tool-kit. This tool kit can be implemented anywhere, anytime, in just minutes a day. You don’t need to set aside hours, or even a whole hour, to benefit from this course.