21 Days to ReENERGIZE Your Life – A Well-being Program



“Your energy walks in the room before you do”

-Michelle Burke

  • The ReENERGIZE Your Life Experience is a Wellbeing online program to explore ways to boost your energy and lower stress. This 21-day program provides time to visualize, reflect and re-ENERGIZE. Find out what’s draining your energy and getting in the way of living your most joy-filled and energized life. This is your opportunity to give your brain a rest from the worries, stressors and to-do’s of life and focus on you for 15 minutes each day. You will take the Life Energy Inventory, a wellness tool to find out which of the 7 key life areas are in need of recharging. Learn how to get off the stress treadmill and make valuable changes in simple and doable steps. Co-authors Michelle and Lilamani share their insights, tools, tips and techniques for moving forward in your life in a positive way.
  • The Life Energy Inventory (LEI) from their book 15 Minute Pause: A Radical Reboot for Busy People is the foundation of this course and a holistic approach to life. The (LEI) is a personal assessment. Consider this your wellness check in to identify which of the 7 key life areas are depleted or thriving. Your summary report will help you to focus on where and how you want to spend your time and energy. Discover how to lift your mood, shift a negative mindset, and learn how to relieve stress during the next 21 days.
  • Takeaways:
    • Receive a report with your scores to discover which 7 life areas need recharging
    • Learn practical ways to boost your energy
    • Get unstuck and learn how to shift a negative mindset
    • Create an Energy toolkit to help you stay energized
    • Ongoing support from private Facebook group

Michelle Burke is a sought-after, highly respected certified coach, facilitator, speaker, author, and CEO of Energy Catalyst Group, a consulting and training company for well-being. Burke’s deep experience and knowledge consulting with Fortune 100 and 500 companies established her as a leading expert in motivating teams and leaders to be fully engaged, energized, and effective. Over the years, she trained thousands of participants to make positive change – inspiring individuals, teams, and leaders to become more mindful and purposeful by shifting negative attitudes and behaviors that get in the way of a thriving workplace and a joy-filled life. Michelle has also devoted her 20+year career and achieved great success in coaching women to be empowered and promoted into leadership roles. Her work continuously garners rave reviews for positively impacting relationships, productivity, and the bottom line. Clients include Stanford University, Disney, HP, Microsoft, Sony Electronics, Northern Telecom, Intel Corp., HTC, Sony PlayStation, Cisco Systems, Snap Inc., and Genentech. Admired for her positive spirit, keen eye, empathy, creativity, and warmth, Michelle enjoys giving back, walking Jadie her dog, cooking, reading, traveling, sports and time with loved ones.

Lilamani de Silva

Lilamani de Silva and Michelle have worked together for 17 days co-creating card games and educational products. Her eclectic career has spanned across different industries including media relations, property management and film production. She was a Clinical Audit Facilitator at Hammersmith Hospital and was a publicist at London Zoo which led her to the production of natural history documentaries for ITV, Discovery and Animal Planet. 

Her jobs gave her the opportunity to travel the globe and experience different cultures and life perspectives. An accomplished painter, Lilamani’s illustrations grace the book, “15 Minute Pause” and she has sold paintings around the world. In addition to her love of travel, she is a nature enthusiast, enjoys reading and racket sports. She holds a Masters in Biochemistry from the University of Otago in New Zealand.