How We Do It


Our customized, interactive methodology is designed to illuminate the root causes of people challenges, conflicts, and negative energy. ECG recognizes that people are diverse; come from different perspectives, opinions, cultures, and generations making it more difficult for managers to lead effectively and positively leverage team performance.


Our highly-collaborative solutions help individuals, leaders and team members to gradually shift attitudes, behaviors, and energies—resulting in more positive, rewarding and productive interactions—personally and professionally. Using Burke’s Energy Impact Model, you discover what is your energy impact and how it affects your relationships, productivity and performance and what you can do to improve or change.


Our approach incorporates our proprietary tools, experiential learning, including mindfulness, activities, assessments, games, role-plays, and engaged training techniques to reach every participant. We ensure that all our work is transferable, allowing for our clients to implement long after the training or consulting is completed.


We believe that change happens when the client is ready and willing to take different steps. ECG has developed tools to make it easier. Below are three tools that have a proven track record for helping teams be their absolute best and make sustainable change.


This Model is the foundation for everything we do whether we are consulting, training, facilitating or coaching. It’s based on 20 years of experience in working with teams to maximize their learning and to help shift negative behaviors, attitudes and mindsets. Simply put, it works.

Strengthscope® is the leading assessment for discovering your internal drivers. When you utilize your skills with your strengths – this allows you to perform at your best and enjoy it.

When you are an E+ = You are adding positive energy to your team and organization.
When you are an E- = You are draining energy from your team and organization.
Note: it’s impossible to be an E+ and an E- at the same time. It’s always your choice how you “show up.”

Every employee shows up as an E+ or E-. Because energy is contagious, if a company has too many E-‘s working together, it creates an E-, drained, stressed, and negative culture. Conversely, when there are more E+’s working together, it creates an E+ energized, productive, and positive culture.

ECG shows you how to shift from an E- to an E+ and how to sustain it.

Our research shows that success in today’s rapidly-changing marketplace requires employees to be more “connected,” “human,” and “purposeful” at work, which is why teamwork is more important than ever before. When employees and teams are energized, they are naturally more productive, and engaged.