What We Do

Healthy, productive and positively energized people.

We get to the heart of what’s working and what isn’t, making clear what stays and what needs to change. We work with you to create practical, actionable roadmaps for success geared toward long-term, viable change and continued momentum.

Training – Creating positive and sustainable behavioral changes

Our people-focused training programs are designed to be fun, experiential, practical and easy to implement. We have helped develop leaders and employees at every level, and specialize in addressing and preventing workplace burn-out. The framework for all our programs begins with “Burke’s 3-A Sustainable Change Model™”. This methodology helps individuals, teams, and leaders boost their energy to create lasting positive change.

We understand that learning transfer is one of the greatest and most important challenges facing HR, L&D, Management and Individuals. Our experience shows that truly sustainable behavioral shifts come from repetition, therefore, we provide time for participants to practice in the training room. We assign accountability teams to further encourage continuing the practice back on the job and in their day to day life. This support system fosters continuous learning – and ultimately improves performance, productivity, relationships, and overall well-being.

Our programs are designed to create lasting behavioral changes and shifting mindsets to achieve sustainable outcomes. Our programs are built into bite-sized 3-6 hour sessions so that they are digestible, easy to apply and include a follow-up. We can also customize a program that meet your specific business needs.

We use a variety of tools to gain a better understanding of your teams and workplace culture, to optimize training time, and to ensure we meet your needs.  Our easily implemented solutions help clients develop productive energizing work habits used on a daily basis – so you begin to see business results immediately.

All programs can be customized, or we can design one based on your specific needs.
If you are interested in a motivational keynote, breakout or team event, contact us.

Some of our most popular integrated solutions include:

  • Fun activities for increased engagement and learning
  • Accountability teams
  • 21-Day Energy Challenge™ (online follow-up)
  • Meeting efficiency™ tools
  • The Energy Quiz™
  • Strengthscope™ – assessment tools for individuals and teams
  • Burke’s Energy Impact Model™

Consulting and Coaching Services

We begin in collaboration. We listen to your concerns, challenges and identify the results you ideally want to achieve. Our process is easy yet robust.  We see things that others miss, allowing us to uncover the root cause(s) of what’s working and not working. We are then able to develop a strategic solution that directly addresses your needs. Our methodology includes utilizing a myriad of assessments, activities, tools, training and techniques to ensure you are satisfied by the results.

We care about creating practical and achievable action plans so you can be successful in making the changes you want.

“We’ve seen many success factors including an overall increase in morale, motivation and commitment to results.”
Teresa Ortiz

Performance Development & Training Advisor, Ernst & Young LLP

What we offer

  • Elevate Your Life: A Women’s Leadership Program
  • Leadership and Team Development
  • Coaching – “Mindful Leadership” and “Women in Leadership” and Self-care in Action – our most popular programs designed for executives, top talent, teams and emerging leaders (minimum 3-6 month commitment).
  • Up Level Leadership in Action for Women
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Development
  • Conduct Focus Groups
  • Address team challenges – discuss, solve and implement solutions
  • Identify and bridge Communication, cultural and team-related gaps
  • Customize Fun activities for increased engagement and learning
  • Facilitate Energy Booster Series:
    • Identify and clarify Team Roles/Responsibilities
    • Determine and clarify Vision, Mission, Values & Goals for newly formed, cross-functional or merging teams
    • Identify and Develop Process/systems for better team efficiency

Speaking Topics

  • Elevate Your Life – 5 secrets for living with “Joie De Vivre”
  • Self-care; Starts with YOU
  • Ten Tips for Being a Valuable Office Professional
  • Teamwork at its Best
  • What’s your Energy Impact and Why it Matters?
  • Energy Boosters, Busters and Vampires
  • PAUSE – How 15 Minutes can transform your life
  • Why I-Matter – How to be Seen, Valued and Heard
  • For Women Only – 7 ways to Be an Empowered Leader

Or make a request for a topic to : info@courses.energycatalystgroup.com

We care about our clients and their success. We view our success by your results. We enjoy our work and have fun doing it.