Team Success Stories

Why Teams?

We focus on teamwork, because we believe effective teams are what separate the thriving companies from those that are struggling. Highly collaborative teams are celebrated in the workplace because they achieve goals and radiate a positive impact with all those they interact with.

If you think about your workplace, everyone is working with someone, whether it’s a team of two, twenty or hundreds. It could be a sales team, global team, admin team, engineering team or project team. An organization thrives when teamwork is at it’s best.

See some of the cool successes teams have made as a result of working with us.

Team Success Stories

Hewlett Packard

ProCurve Network Team

A group of Executive Assistants from the ProCurve Network team came together to identify and work on their Mission, Vision and Values. Once they came to an agreement, they identified top priorities and goals for each person that aligned with the larger business goals. Once established they created 3 team goals to work on and scheduled monthly team meetings to stay on track. This shifted the way they worked as individuals and as a team.

“Michelle brought a dysfunctional team together to work as a unit, benefiting both the assistants and the teams they supported. She was very professional, yet at the same time was warm and friendly to everyone, making each experience with her enjoyable and memorable. She works equally well with management.”
Judy Yarnell, ProCurve Network Team

Guidant Corp

Administrative professionals

We were hired to train their administrative support staff across the company to empower their assistants to shift negative mindsets and behaviors that were getting in the way of their individual and team performance. After taking the Empowered Assistant Series Program, they gained new skills and tools that helped them see and realize their value and as a result were more positive and effective in their role. We trained well over a hundred administrative professionals.

“Your enthusiasm for what you do and the professionalism you bring to the job is unequalled. The Empowered Assistant met many of the needs with which the administrative professionals have struggled, and it shifted a few paradigms about how they think about themselves. We know that people’s behaviors are – to some degree – created by how they think of themselves. This shift in thinking has already produced some major changes and I am confident those positive changes will continue over time”
– Charlotte Pizzo, Training & Development

Sony Electronics and Sony PlayStation

Management and cross-functional teams

ECG was hired to customize The Team Energy Program to deliver to intact and cross-functional teams, many of them were engineering teams. Because of the great success of the program, we were asked to develop a management training program based on The Team Energy Program.

The management program was centered on energizing diverse teams and leveraging employee and team strengths. As a result, Managers learned how their energy impacts their team’s productivity. And, how to manage it for a more positive impact. They gained awareness about their top 7 strengths and how to use their strengths to be a better manager. Managers also discovered their team’s strengths and how to utilize those strengths for greater productivity and team performance. Because of this change, team members were re-engaged to achieve their team goals. The Team Energy and management programs have been rolled out to multiple teams throughout Sony.

“I just LOVE this course!!! The Team Energy program is one that I highly recommend to any company that is looking to instill a new mindset and approach to how managers lead and also how teams can interact. I had the opportunity to run this program in two different companies and have found that in both of these diverse organizations, managers learned how they could better understand and communicate with their staff. The understanding of your energy impact on your relationships and your strengths is one that has been a “game-changer” for managers and teams ”
Leslie Santiago-Powell, Talent Manager

Lanza Hair care

Sales Team

ECG was hired to customize our Team Energy Program for Lanza hair care sales specialists that were coming from various parts of the country. Our focus was to energize and connect the sales team and to show them how to leverage their strengths. We helped them to understand their strengths and how to utilize them when interacting with their potential and current customers. We also focused on specific ways they could best communicate to get a “yes.” This was a very successful program.

“This program was fun and engaging! Lots of great practical tips and ways to communicate more effectively with our customers.”
– Hair Care Specialist from Chicago

Cobra Golf, Inc.

Leadership team

We were hired to work with the Executive team and their Executive Assistants (EA) to work more effectively with each other in partnership. We clarified roles and responsibilities, help the teams of two identify priorities and communicate more clearly with each other. We also helped the EA’s become a strong EA team to support the executive team. We provided customized training, coaching and specific strategies for each EA/Executive team to ensure they were working together at their best.

“Your efforts not only benefited the trainees, but also the people they support. As a result of this training we are establishing working partnerships that leverage the key players in our organization. I believe that Cobra Golf is a better company because of these efforts.”
– David A. Schaefer, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer